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This multilingual version of the Holy Bible is able to display on your screen several languages at the same time. Double click on the Index page. Follow the links to Multilanguage display. Click on one or more boxes on the top of the page to display the languages of your choice. If you click the Chinese option, another window will open with options for Traditional and Simplified plus Pinyin (Romanized Chinese) and English languages, which can be opened simultaneously for one, two, three or four languages.
MP3 audio files are available on the CD for English, Chinese and Portuguese. Other languages are available online.
To view Chinese on your computer you might need a few adjustments, especially if your computer was never configured to display Chinese characters. Windows XP already has the Chinese fonts installed and you might just need to configure your browser according to the instructions below. If you are using Windows 98, 2000 and NT you would probably need to install the Chinese fonts. This CD comes with two Chinese fonts that you can easily install yourself following these HELP instructions:
How scroll simultaneously in several languages [demo].


Fonts Installation Instructions
What's a Java VM? Why do I need it?
How to display Chinese characters
Audio help
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